I wanted to make my images look as much like a police investigation photos as possible, I wanted to make my images look like they were taken as the photo below.

I found a fantastic tutorial to help me get a normal picture to look like a Polaroid one, it showed me how to change the colour of the image to make it look as old as possible, here’s the tutorial that i used:


I gave this ago and added paperclips to the Polaroid picture too to make it look more like it was from a police file investigation.

I sat there and thought it just doesn’t look investigation enough… so i added evidence over the top of the image.


Wait something was still missing… ah fingerprints!

So much better… I experimented by using my own fingerprints, i was a little bit silly and tried to do my fingerprint with perminate marker which i had to try to scrub off for days! Heres my attempt at fingerprints, the reason why i wanted to do it on myself was so it looked as realistic as possible:

I added the paperclip by simply cutting bits of the image of the paperclip on Photoshop to make it look as though it was hanging on from the picture. Simple!