Dean had to green-light our project (To green-light a project is to give permission or a go ahead to move forward with a project). He read through our script and felt that something was missing, and that the auidence would get confused about the letter that we was trying to show that was from her boyfriend. So this is when we decided to change a huge bit in the script so the stoyline would be more understandable to a certain extenet.

After all throwing ideas at each other and talking as a group we came up with a new idea, we all decided that we still wanted it to be based on the “Starbucks Coffee” idea. So Fliss went away to write up the new script.

Here is a PDF of the second Script:

Dreamy Paranoia PDF

We wanted to go for a surreal-dreamlike film. Which i know is going to be difficult to portray to the auidence, But we can only try our best.

Some of our idea’s that we really wanted to do we couldnt, as we was on a really really low-budget and couldnt afford the things that we wanted to do. We wanted to make it as werid (surreal like) as possible, so we wanted to use a coffee bean costume for the girls attacker, but unfortunatly researching into this we would of had to fork out £150 for the costume. However we then thought of making a costume but we then realised that we couldnt get anyone else to act for us so we kept it simple and went for the gang of coffee cups (which was still powerfull to use).

FINALLY… we got this script approved again.. so it was time to move on to the Pre-production work.

Creating films before i was confident with what i had to do for pre-production work, i knew that everyone else in the group didnt have a clue what i was going on about when i said to then that “we have to do pre-production work in order to start filming”, so i sat down and explained everything to them. I knew that without doing pre-production work it is impossible to create a good film, it also keeps everything and the group organised. Also on the day of shooting it helps alot as everything is planned so theres no standing around thinking what shots to use next, you can just crack on and get all the shooting done. So Pre-production work is very IMPORTANT!

What is Pre-Production?

I found this amazing website that explains everything in slideshows… This helped alot with knowing what kind of things are involved with filmmaking, (even the littlest things are so inportant).

Here is the link to the webiste:

I found this blog online which i thought was very interesting and helpful with knowing what to do in the production industry etc.

So researching whats involved in pre-production work, we had to crack on and get the below jobs done:

  • Casting
  • Storyboarding
  • Shooting sheldule
  • Script writing
  • equipment list
  • Contact List
  • Location Report


Christina’s sister was originally meant to be the actress for our film, but unfortunatly she couldnt do it as she had college on the day we wanted to start shooting and also worked on the rest of the days. However everyone in the group was too shy to do it, but Christina (the hero) stepped up and volenteered to act, as we was so desperate.

As Christina is the actress,This means she cant be the director so we had to change the roles around to this:

Myself: Director and Editor

Christina: Actress

Tina: Editor

Fliss: Camera operator/Scriptwriter

Dan: Camera assistant-lights

Storyboarding: This is a storyboard of the shots that are going to be taking on the day, It is so all the crew know exactly what shots to take on the day, instead of panicking they will know what there doing.

Christina took on the role of creating the storyboard as we all know that she was the best at illistartions. Here is the first page of the storyboard:

Equipment/prop list: This is a list of all the props and equipment needed on the day. This keeps everyone organised, and is there so noone forgets anything on the day of shooting. Here is a word document of the equipment and Prop list.


Conatact List: This is a list of all the cast and crew contact numbers and emails. Everyone in the group should have this so everyone can get hold of one another if need be. Here is a word document of the contact list.

Conatct List

Shooting Shedule: A shooting Shedule is a day to day plan of all the shots that need to be taking etc and where there going to be filming. This keeps everyone organised so the crew know exactly whats happening on the day. Here is the images of the shooting schedule that Fliss done.


Location Report: A location report is a short report of where the filming is going to take place and weather permission is permitted to film in that location etc. It also shows on the location report weather the place that you are filming in needs to be changed around to make the mise-en-scene more approriate for the film, again permission is permitted to be made for this by the owner of the property etc. Here is a word document of the Location Report:

Location Report

Vewing the location before shooting helped us alot with planning shots etc. Here is a slideshow of the pictures that we took of the house to help us remember the space that we had to work with:



I also made the “Starbucks promotion leaflet” which will appear throughout the film, Here is the leaflet, i manipulated some of the text and logos in photoshop so it was appropriate for our film, i done a few ideas with differnet colours to show the others what they thought stood out and looked better. However we are going for the one with the black writing as this stood out more: