Where to start?… I drew a few characters which i thought children would love i was shifting towards more of animals. Here is a few drawing (Excuse my rubbish drawings) of the characters that i like:

After i drew my characters i went and asked all 8 of my nieces and nephews to pick what their favourite character was, as i couldn’t decided. So the results were all counted up and the most picked was………………….. GINA THE GIRAFFE!!!! I was happy that this character was picked as i already had an idea to what the storyline would be about.

I researched even more into structures storylines as i knew my story had to make sence, i knew a structured storyline went something like this:

  • a happy beginning,
  • a middle where there is a problem,
  •  and an end where the problem is solved.

Here are a few websites that helped me understand about structured storyline.