I done to research into police investigations and crime scenes to get ideas of what i could involve in my book and website.

I looked at fiction and fact websites to see how they set there websites out also to give me an idea, here are a few websites that i found very helpful:

The best website that i came across was the CSI website, it inspired me as it was so helpful as the series is fictional it gave me so many ideas which i could work upon. i liked the layout and the way it looks really dark like a crime scene.

Then i thought to myself what are the conventions of a crime scene investigation?:

  • forensic suites
  • investigation files
  • finger prints
  • coffee stains from the officer on paperwork
  • paperclip on the photograph
  • Polaroid photos
  • pin – ups of most wanted
  • profile of suspect
  • police tape

All these things above are what i am aiming to add in my website and book! i think the more stereotype my website/book is the better it will look!

I also researched into Confidential files and came across these pictures, these gave me inspiration for my book and website:


I noticed that all the confidential was written in the same type of writing and shown in red! So i knew that i was going to add this to my website and book!