For my second assignment  we have to produce a short 3 minuite narrative short film (not including credits) in groups.

In my group there is:

  • Christina Hart
  • Christina Reet
  • Fliss Newman
  • Daniel Sheen.

As we have quite a big group, Christina created a folder in “dropbox” where we can all put our work and share it with one another, This was a good idea as we can all access each others work/ideas etc. Also we have arranged to communicate on Facebook as we all live far away from each other, its the only way that we can all keep each other informed/update and get into contact with one other.

In lesson we sat in our group and brainstormed into different ideas that we all liked the thought of;

We was edging towards the genre of horror and the Starbucks coffee idea. The Starbucks coffee idea came from the previous assignment that i done for video and motion graphics, heres the Youtube link to my video:

Myself, Tina, Christina and Fliss (dan couldnt make it becuase he was seeing family) met up this morning to discuss ways that we could produce this into a structured storyline. This took us a few hours as we came up with not only the story line but camera shots and angles that we would want to use. It was important that we all had input with ideas to make the film as creative as possible. So meeting up was the best thing to do. We also assigned roles to each other so we all knew what we were doing on the day etc.

The roles of the group:

Myself: Editor

Christina Hart:Diector

Christina Reet: Editor

Fliss Newman: Camera Operator/Scriptwriter

Dan Sheen: Lighting Operator

Next thing was to write the script. The four of as rolled off ideas whilst Christina was writing it down, we done this as a ruff copy just to get to grips with what our film was going to involve, then filss took the role of re-writing the script to make it more in depth with detail.

Here is a PDF of the first script that Fliss wrote out in detail:

Unexpected Love

Now all we need to do is get the script approved by Dean.

As Fliss was writing the scipt, she also thought of the name for our film “Unexpected love”- This has came becuase the auidence doesnt know that her love and addiction is for coffee they just think her love is for her boyfriend.

Also here is the first draft of the storyboard for “unexpected love” drawn by Christina: