After going away for a couple of days and thinking about which idea that i could add a lot more detail too, i decided on “Behind the back of a sofa” but i also liked the idea of inside a policeman’s mind, so I decided that i wanted to do this “behind the back of a sofa but in a policeman investigation style. So all the things that i would find behind the back of many sofas would be the evidence and the sofa would be the criminal.

MY AUIDENCE WILL BE AIMED AT 14 AND UP! this is because I don’t think a person under 14 would understand the concept of this book or website! and I think anyone over 14 would enjoy reading this as it will have humour in it!

Next thing that i done was to brainstorm again of what kind of things that i thought i would find behind a back of a sofa (which can be absolutely anything):