In this assignment I have to produce a 30-60 seconds long motion graphics video. First things first i researched many mediums that i could create within this assignment, this was options such as a tv advert, short film or Film trailer. To decide on what to do i look at all aspects to get an idea.

Tv Adverts:

I researched into many Tv adverts and the conventions of an advert to help me get ideas and what kind of things i would need to involve within an advert. Here are some websites that i looked at:

The majority of the websites i researched explained that having a celebrity advertise the product etc will make a effective, more attractive advert, However i know that this isn’t always the case. This is simply just a point that i came across on most websites that i found.

Here is a you tube videos that i really love and i would consider producing my own version:

Short films:

Doing short films in my GCSE and A-level course’s i kind of knew what to expect in making a short film. Heres one of my films that i created in my A-level film studies course:

I looked at professional short films made by Pixar. These short films are incredible as they still show a beginning middle and end, which involves a problem and then a solution to the problem at the end of the film. This is done in four minutes plus, so these short films goes to prove that you done need an hour or so in a film to create a narrative.

I am really interested in making my own animated short film. I think this would set me a challange and i am leading towards this idea.

Film Trailers

I researched the conventions of film trailers to again get to grips of what a trailer involves. Heres the websites that i looked at:

I found all these websites useful and it gave me a great idea of what conventions are in Film trailers. After i researched all this information i wanted to see how accurate these conventions was and researched into looking at actual film trailers on YouTube to compare:

Researching all different type of elements that i could use was very useful and gave me a final idea of what way i wanted to turn to. I have decided to produce a short animated film. 

Firstly i brainstormed different ideas which i could make into a short animated film, here is my brainstorm:

After i brainstormed i looked up different videos linked to my brainstorm to see what kind of ideas i could get from this:

I wanted to use a simple character style, which i knew i was capable of. In addition because i always watch animated programs with my nieces and nephews i came up with the idea of challenging myself and try and match the conventions of an educational children’s programme. So My final decision for me was to create an EDUCATIONAL CHILDREN’S SHORT ANIMATATION.