I had to finally pick just one of the quotes and so i decided to go for:

  • “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent”.

Here are the final two ideas that i wanted to use:

Finally i set my sights on creating this poster design below in illistrator. So i cracked on with it to see what i could create.

In my design plan i knew that i wanted to keep the background white and have the words “good design is obvious. Great design is…” in a plain original font which is arial. This is so it represents a simple obvious “design”, however for the word transparent, i wanted the word to stand out as the aim of the quote is to make a great design not a good design, too make a great design you have to be transparent so i decided to use a font taken from www.dafont.com which repesented a transparent text, the f0nt i used is called sliced-tech.