Due to not connecting with the emotion Confusion, i started my Research into Anger. At first I research pictures on google so I could see what kind of things represent Anger. Here are images that I found and also my ideas of anger that I am planning to do for my emotional poster. I really think they show everything that I researched.

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As shown by the images I could see the representation  anger is to EXPLOAD! These images that I researched really helped me to get ideas into what I wanted to create.

I also went into more depth into what kind of things aggravated anger and how anger could be controlled. Here are a few useful websites that I saw and again helped me a lot with ideas that I could create:

I also researched into the film “Anger Management” – Peter Segal which was released in 2003 starring Adam Sandler. Heres two of the websites that i looked at to get more information about the film “Anger management”

I also spent an evening watching this film again to refresh my memory and understand more about anger. However even though I know that this is a film and can be fiction but i knew that there would be a lot of stereotypes in the film that I could pick out and relate to in my poster.

Lastly researching into anger has not only given me more and more ideas but it has expanded my knowledge a bit more and helped me understand what kind of people with anger problems have to go through.

After researching all this i finally came to a decision and started to create my emotion poster for anger. Here is my final product:


The reason why I created this like this was because when people get angry they tend to try to hold there anger in throughout the day and then they get to the point when they just burst with anger. This is the reason why i chose to do smaller letters going up to larger letters as the anger builds up inside a person. Also i done the last too letters in Red because this is when your blood starts to boil and the anger just bursts out and you can’t keep it locked up anymore.  Also i done the first few letters closer to each other as people tend to hold their anger in untill they explode. The font that i used is called “MB horror house” i found this on dafont.com. This was the most relevant to show the emotion anger as it looks as though the letters are bursting with anger, as this is how people tend to feel when they get anger.