My next step was to take as many stock images untill i found the right image to use to my final piece. I took different images that could interpret me being in a winter environment. Overall i took about 100 pictures so i could have a variety to pick from but i had to narrow the pictures down to pick the best, here is a slide show of some of the images that i took:

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Flicking through and finalising my favourite ones, i came to the decision that i wanted to use one of these too.

I love the effect of my hair blowing about and that is the effect people would have when they are walking in a cold, windy environment. By making my hair blow i used a hair dryer. I got my mum to take the pictures of me and my dad to blow the hair dryer on my face. I really thought this was effect as it defiantly gave the representation of being out side in a cold environment.

I came to a finalised decision after asking family members opinions on out of which of these two photos should i use for the background image that i chosen. They all prefered the one with my eyes open because it felt to them that it was more realistic. This was the one i was planning to choose anyway, but i think second opinions always matters as you can see what other people think about the object.

So now i have my stock image sorted, next thing to do was to cut my image out with the pen tool. I knew how to do this as i had been taught in the lessons and it came to me fairly easy. After i had cut my image out i place it onto the winter background. I changed my background from landscape to portrait as i wanted mainly my face in focus and less of the background. I wanted people to see apart of the background but only so they could see the environment that i was in. Here my Image translated onto the winter background:

As you can see the colour of my skin tone is to dark and it doesn’t look as though im in a winter environment, so as a challenge i set upon making my skin tone lighter, so it would show i was in a cold place. I looked at many tutorials to teach myself how to do all the things i wanted to complete my photo manipulation. To change my skin tone to a pale colour i used tutorials such as this one;

This helped me a lot and by lightning the picture it showed that it really made a difference as now it looks realistic, as if im standing in that location. You can see this by the image below:

After i had done this i changed my eye colour to a sky blue colour, The reason for this is because when i researched objects that associate with winter and snow it came up with Husky dogs, and i automatically saw their bright blue eyes. I didn’t want my image to have any other objects in it, so  thought instead of having a husky dog in the background i am able to put a part of the dog in me. So i thought this was a fantastic idea and went along and changed the colour.

AGAIN, HOW DID YOU DO THIS? Well its simple, i looked at a few tutorial again so it could be explained in more detail for me. I simply used the colour replacement tool, and picked the colour that i wanted to change the object to. It’s as simple as that! Here is the tutorials that i used:

However if you notice in the images that i have cut out with the pen tool (above images of me) the strand of hair that is blowing above my head is missing. This was due to it being difficult to cut around neatly with the pen tool, so i had to cut it out to make it easier for me. However the amazing thing about Photoshop is that you can add all this back in. So to do this i added another layer mask and simply brushed the stands back in, then i replaced the first image with the image with the stand of hair as you can see below:

After i had done this i tried my best to make my face look as perfect as possible. By doing this i got rid of all my spots, freckles and marks on my face bu using the spot healing brush tool. To use this is simple you just click on the areas that you want to make clear.

Finally i had the hardest part was adding snow into my image to make it even more realistic. Below are some tutorials that helped me a lot to get this to work. This took me some time as i had to get it to a certain size in which i wanted my snowflakes. At times this was frustrating as i couldn’t get the sizes of snowflakes that i wanted but i eventually done achieved what i wanted.

Here is my finished product:

I have uploaded this onto so other people can see my work and how much effort i had put into this. Overall i really enjoyed making this image and i would happily do a photo manipulationagain. I hope that i can create something even better than this next time. I know that if i keep working hard then i know i can reach some of the standards of work that inspire me in which i have shown you on my other pages.