I done a brainstorm of all the different feeling and how the emotions can make you feel so that I could so this in my poster:

































I chose to create the emotion confused, at first I researched into confusion. I looked at many different ways that people can become confused, and then cure that confusion (after an operation, mental illness and people who just in general get confused). Here are a few websites that I looked on to help me expand on the word Confused:

Here are a few of my ideas that i drew out that represented the emotion confusion:

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As I was doing more and more research into the emotion confused, I felt like I couldn’t connect with the word properly, as there was too many reason why people can become confused and I felt like I could not show confusion without using pictures. I knew how I wanted to show the feeling but just couldn’t draw it out and connect with the word. I had also asked for several people opinions and they explained to me that when they looked at my ideas they couldn’t see anything that represented confusion.

Therefore this was when I decided to change my emotion to Anger. I started by researching Anger and how people can become angry.