When i was looking through the breif that i got given for this subject, i absoulty loved the thought of creating myself into a photo manipulation. This was the first time that i was going to used photoshop (apart from the practicing in lessons), so i knew this would be a huge challange for me. At first i looked through Deviant art to see what background i could use for my self portrate and so i could prpare myself for what my stock image would look like. However we was told not to use pre-made images, as the self portraite that we are going to make has to be manipulated compleatly from scratch. I flicked through loads to see what i liked best. these are a few of the scenery ones that i like and thought about using for my assignment:

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I really liked these images as i knew that these kind of images i would be able to manipuate and make my self portrate look amazing.

However i thought of using some of my mums images that she had taken over the past years. Here are a few that i liked: