To make things easier for me I typed out all my information that I wanted to share on my website then decided to choose what typography that I wanted to use afterwards. However i knew that I wanted the typography on my website to look hand written as if it was personal and from the heart so I picked a font that would show this, (Capsuula Regular). Unfortunately it made my website look like everything was squished together and very tacky, so i decided to use more of a basic font but a font that look light as if it was written in pencil (Tangerine bold). I chose for the main home page and titles to the pages an old italic font to show as if it was handwritten too and this font made it look as if someone had written it from the heart and about their feelings.

The colours I wanted it to look basic and the obvious breast cancer colours (pink and white). Before hand i looked into depth of the breast cancer websites as seen on my previous research page. This was all basic colours and the stereotypical colour of pink to recognise that Breast Cancer Care logos. Here are the websites Breast cancer websites I looked at:

As for pictures I chose sensible ones that matched the concept of the website. I also added links to the breast cancer website to all my pictures to raise awareness of breast cancer.

I think I have done really well producing my own website seeing as this was the first time I have ever produced anything like this. I am really proud.