In todays lesson, I learnt how to use the pen tool to cut the background from an image. This got very tricky to begin with but as I kept practicing it I gradually got used to it. I refreshed my memory as I remember using the brush tool to remove the background so I knew it would be slightly the same. However it was a lot more tricky than I thought as I had to make sure that I got all the curves in etc so the picture would look right. Doing the curvy bits on the image was VERY tricky, I had to go back several times untill I got it perfect. Also it was very hard trying to not remove a lot of hair from the women’s head, I used the brush tool for this as this got very complicated and the brush tool was more easier to use rather than the pen tool. As I used it more and more I got used to using it and I will now be comfortable if someone was to ask me to remove the background from an image, I would know how to do it straight away. However I will carry on practicing as PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!!! Here are the images before and after below. For the new background image I used a stock image from deviant art  – :

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