As I have decided to do my website on my Mum on her fight for Breast Cancer and all her inspirational work for fundraising I thought that i should gain a bit more knowledge and do more research on Breast Cancer. I look on the Breast Cancer care research website:

These websites are very helpful. As these websites saved my Mum life. If it wasnt for the internet access we have today my mum wouldn’t be here today.

I am defiantly going to link some of these websites to my webpage as I feel other people can benefit from reading them just like my Mum did. I knew straight away that when I was going to create the webpage about this topic that I wanted to put inspirational and positive quotes in. I found some very good inspirational quotes that I am going to put some in my site. Here are a few:

What does not kill us makes us stronger. -Friedrich Nietzsche

“The future belongs to those who survive their past.” -Gaia’s Mr. Prophet

“The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart.” -Nikolai Lenin

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.  – Winston Churchill

Moreover i had to research more into depth about my mums situation and what her feeling were when she got diagnoised with breast cancer. I really felt like i connected alot more with my mum as i found out things that i never knew about her past. I done my reaseached in more of a personal way, i sat down with my mum and got her too tell me her story from day one. I also questioned her along the way about her emotions at this time. This really helped me get to know what i wanted to include on my website.