I decided to go for the font “fright sans black” I searched and searched the web for a download of this font. I looked on websites such as:

Unfortunately on all these websites I had to pay for them and some of them, were ridiculous prices. So I have now decided to see if I can find a better/different match to the Starbucks coffee sign. It then came to my senses that I wasnt going to find the exact same font as the Starbucks coffee sign so I then decided to improvise by looking at different fonts. On several websites I typed in “coffee” and “Starbucks” to see what kind of fonts came up. There was plenty that I really liked the look off , here are a few:

The fonts that i am planning to use are:

  • Clarendon black
  • Argent orange
  • komika glaz
  • bebas neue

These fonts above was all from the website www.dafont.com. I really wanted to use the font argent orange, however when I typed all the text in capitals (as this is how I want my text) the I wasnt going into capitals it was staying in small lock. So this is not what I wanted so I had to find another font that I really liked. Therefore I choose Bebas neue, as I thought this looked similar to the Starbucks coffee logo and was the most appropriate.