Researched into why I wrote “Addicted” poem.

My sister Jane rang me as she was on the bus to see how I was getting on at university and asking me what assignments I have etc. So I told her that I had an assignment for motion graphics where I had to produce a piece of animated typography between 30-60 seconds. I told her that my final idea was to create my own poem and that I was looking for a poem that was interesting, funny about love and have a twist to the end. So Jane said that she would help me and try and think about ideas for a poem and that she would ring me back later.

While Jane was on the bus she was drinking a “Starbucks Coffee” latte (which she loves) and wrote down a first sketch of the poem, whilst I jotted down a few ideas to start off a poem.

Jane then arrived at my house later that day with the sketch of the poem, and she asked me what I thought. I thought it was fantastic and a great idea. So I added my input by changing a few words and lines (etc). We both got extremely excited by the thought of the poem, so I got Jane to read it out while I recorded her voice on my laptop. To make sure the poem worked we decided to play the final recording to the rest of our family members which they heard for the first time. Our family thought the poem was great as the impression they had at the beginning was totally different and unexpected at the end. This is how I knew the poem had worked. So I and my sister were really pleased with our efforts. We also had to think of a name for the poem that we created, the name of the poem came from the input of our dad, we had a few suggestions, such as; Love, Addiction, Adore, I love you so much and Craving you. So as an overall decision from me, Jane and my Dad we decided to go with “Addiction” as we felt that this was the most appropriate name for the poem, as it shows lots of aspects of being addicted to something.

The relationship between me and my sister.

My Sister and I are really close. She is 11 years older than me but the BIG age gap doesn’t affect our relationship as I have someone to look up to. She is very supportive, helpful, funny and selfless. This is why she wanted to help me. She plays her big sister role really well and I love her very much. The reason why I chose Jane to do the voice for the recorded poem was because I thought we really worked well together as a team.

The Final Poem.

I had not seen you for a while and there you were with that girl,

You was all over her as she tripped, stumbled and done a twirl.

I must admit the jealousy I had kicked right in,

I wanted you, needed you but I knew you were a sin

The hours went passed while I sat at work and craved you just once more,

I kept telling myself NO stop thinking about it, it’s only because I’m bored

Five o’clock came and I was on my way home, as I walked passed your doors,

“Don’t turn around” I said to myself “just keep going”, which led my knees to the floor,

I longed for you, I had to have you, the temptation was so strong.

I made my decision there and then but i knew it was wrong,

So I turned around ran back and swang your doors in two,

“Starbucks, can I help you?”, “a small latte two brown sugars please”

Starbucks coffee…


References to the poem.

The poem has two meanings to it, as the audience thinks it’s about a girl seeing her boyfriend with another girl etc and shows the girl being addicted to the boy but at the end the audience sees all the meanings to the poem put together as they see it’s about coffee. By doing this I have manipulated the audience by making them seem naive. Also there are plenty of lines in the poem that show critical thinking. These are lines such as:

“you were all over her as she tripped, stumbled and done a twirl”
– This makes the audience feel as if it’s her ex-boyfriend all over another girl as she tripped over but really the girl sees another girl with a “Starbucks” coffee and it’s the coffee that’s all over her as she has spilt it all over her. This is critical thinking as its not actually saying it’s a boyfriend all over her but the audience just assumes it is but the way we have worded the poem.

I longed for you, I had to have you, the temptation was so strong” –  Again the audience thinks it’s a girl talking
about a boy but really it’s about that she hasn’t had a coffee in a while and she is really craving for one and that’s all she wants is to enjoy her favourite latte coffee. This again is saying one thing but meaning another.

Five o clock came and I was on my way home as I walked passed your doors, don’t turn around I said to myself, just keep going, which lead my knees to the floor” – The audience is being manipulated again as it’s about the girl walking passed the coffee shop debating whether to go in or not. But I have worded the poem as if
she’s walking passed her ex-boyfriends house and she wants to knock on the door. But she doesn’t she just wants her coffee as she is addicted to it so much.

I had not seen you for a while and there you were with that girl” – The latte that she loves, she hasn’t had one in a while and then she sees a girl with the “Starbucks” coffee and she get jealous as she’s craving the coffee so much. We as an audience assume that it’s about a boy but it’s not. When people hear/talk about love we
always assume that it’s about an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or couple etc but in this case it’s not. A boyfriend can be addicted and in this case so is caffeine. When people have an addiction it could be anything the audience shouldn’t just assume in this case of the poem. So the poem gives out a message to the audience as
well as entertains. The moral of this poem is “Don’t be fooled by manipulation because you think it’s about a relationship when you hear about love  because love is not just connected with a relationship it brings many more to show as you can love and be addicted to anything. By creating this poem we were thinking well out of the box, by using metaphors and critical thinking.

Ideas for colour pallets and fonts etc.

The font that I want to use is the same font as the “Starbucks coffee” logo. The reason for this is because I want the elements of my typography and colour pallets to match the aspect of the poem.

At first I researched the “Starbucks coffee” logo and it gave me an idea of what fonts and colour pallets that I need to present to match my poem. Below is the webpage and information that it gave me.

“The Starbucks Company is the most famous brand of coffee in the world. The company is basically an association of two companies who merged themselves together; hence the logo is a combination of
both of them. Today the Starbucks logo is recognized all over the globe for its excellence. Imprinted on the coffee mug, the Starbucks logo itself represents quality and standard.

The company was founded in 1971, since which it has followed a number of paths of development and evolution. The two pioneers were IL Giornale and Schultz, who combined in 1987 and gave it a new name of Starbucks Corporation. The early logos had IL Giornale over it and then the Starbucks logo formulated itself to the one we see today with a Siren.

Design Elements of the Starbucks logo:

The Starbucks logo features a Siren which is a slightly evoluted one but still maintains its history and tradition with which the company first made its way to fame. The latest Starbucks logo takes care of the dignity and reputation of all.

Shape of the Starbucks logo:

The shape of the Starbucks logo is circular with another circle within it. The fonts are written inside with the stars alongside together emerging as an elegant picture. Moreover it highlights the presence of a Siren which symbolizes the originality of the Starbucks logo.

Color of the Starbucks logo:

Plain colors used in the Starbucks logo characterize the simplicity of the logo. The only colors used are black, white and deep green. The two tailed mermaid is a combination of black and white, while the green color forms the background of the fonts.

Fonts of the Starbucks logo:

The fonts of the Starbucks logo are caps locked, simple and yet stylish attracting the people of all age groups. Written as ‘Starbucks Coffee’ there are stars present in between the two words.

Coffee is something the whole world is craving for. The Starbucks Coffee is a known brand for this which strengthens its feet in the ground of beverage industry as the time passes. The Starbucks logo is not only well renowned but also symbolizes the peak that company has been able to touch in the years”.

I thought that it would be best for me to do some background research into the “Starbucks Coffee” logo and how it came about to gain more knowledge about the logo.

I found it very difficult to find the matching font from the “Starbucks Coffee” logo. I searched and searched the web until I could find the appropriate one. I went on websites such as:
and I found these very useful as I eventually found the font that I wanted on
The font that I am going to use is Freigh sans black. This font is supposedly the matching font from the “Starbucks logo”, I feel this would be the most appropriate to use for my poem. I also
will be using this in capital locks as the logo is also seen in capital locks. I don’t want to give too much away before the end of the poem because it is such a surprise to people who hear the ending as it’s really unexpected. However I do have a back-up font if there is a reason to why I cannot use that font, my
back-up font is “Corbel”. This was the second closest that I could find to match the logo font.

The colours that I am going to use are a brown chocolaty colour. The reason for me choosing this as a background colour as it narrates to a warm and loving feeling and also relates back to the coffee as coffee is brown and warm etc. I want the audience to be confused and think to themselves “whys it brown etc because the theme is about a couple braking up”? Then they can put two and two together and figure it out at the end when they understand the concept of the poem.

I am going to do the typography for the poem in white as this is also the colour of the typography on the “Starbucks Coffee” logo.

As for pictures on the poem I am going to have basic pictures of stickmen /women and things that symbolize love/ break ups etc. Also I will show the “Starbucks” logo at the end to sum up the poem.