I had a thought over the weekend of what I could create my website about. I had many different ideas so I created a brainstorm to get all my ideas onto paper so I could really think about what my final idea would be. Here is the brainstorm that I created:

I then picked two subjects out of this brainstorm that I thought I would enjoy creating more. I chose the  Chestfield Cricket Club and a website about my Mum having breast cancer and doing challenges to raise money for the charity.

At first I had my heart set on creating the website about Chestfield Cricket Club as my family are always here as my mum runs the kwik cricket training sessions for children ages 6-9 year olds. So I know a lot behind the clubs history etc. Therefore I created a brainstorm again of information that I would put onto my website and the colours that I would use:

Unfortunately I felt as if i couldn’t engage with this topic. As a website for this already exists I felt as tho I was replicating the website instead of creating my own ideas and I didn’t want this. I wanted every single idea to come from my own imagination. So I thought it was best that I left this topic and found something else to do my website about.

I am now going to do my website about my Mum, she is such an inspirational women. She suffered from Breast Cancer in 2001 and luckily survived. She done a few challenges to raise money for this charity (I am not going to give too much away as this will all be in my website). I created another brainstorm of all the things I could put into my website of all the things my mum has achieved: