Today in my Motion Graphics lesson i got given an assignment brief, this was to come come up with a 30-60 seconds kinetic typography idea. At first i researched what kinetic typography was, i found a very useful websites that gave me the definition and what kinetic typography is all about. Here the links to the webpage that i browsed . I wanted to know about more about what kinetic typography was in order for me to understand the concept of the assignment.

After i understood what kinetic typography was i looked more into depth and looked at previous videos that was made with typography. I found some very useful website with lots of examples. This helped me greatly as i could get ideas about what kind of things i need to produce in my asseignment, here are the webpages that i found with the examples on and videos on YouTube that liked and i found interesting:

After looking at these  it helped me think and expand on many ideas, so i went away and had a thought about what kind of things i could produce. Here are my ideas that i came up with:

  • “Finding Nemo” – the clip where he meets his new school friends. Unfortunatly i couldn’t find a clip of this. i would have chose this becuase i absoultly love this film and when i was younger i always used to say this bit of the film all the  time.
  • Adele’s hit song – To make you feel my love- the chorus of this song. I thought of doing this as my idea as i love the lyrics to this song:
  • Voice over for reality TV show Big Brother. – again i could not find an appropriate clip for this for therefore i could not use this.
  • The lion king song- “I just cant wait to be King”, this is one of my favorite childhood films and song, this would show my personality within my childhood. I would love to experiment with the coulor pallets as i could make this look magical and colourful:

However i got told that i could use copy-righted stuff but this would be hard for the university to show off my work etc. So i thought to myself that i would really like my hard work to be shown off. This is when i decided to come up with my own ideas that wasn’t copy-righted. I wanted to set myself a bit of a task as i knew i was cable of achiveing it. I sat and sat thinking of different ideas to do. I eventually came up with a few, here are my ideas:

  • to create a chorus of a song, preferably a love song.
  • to create my own beliefs and quotes in life. For example, the one quote that i always live by is “don’t worry about it until it happens” and i have many more. So i thought that this would be a great idea as this would show off who i am as a person and my personality.
  • to create a poem, preferably  a love, funny, and a twist to the end of the poem.

I found it really difficult to decide on which one i wanted to do as i thought these were all brilliant ideas. But i finally came to a decision, this was to create my own poem. So my next task was to come up with an idea for a poem. I already knew that i wanted to create a love poem that was funny as well as having a huge twist at the end as this is very unusual to see. First things first is to research into other love poems. So i set myself a task on searching the web for poems. Here are a few that i found interesting:

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday to the  sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with
Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other  than you.

– Courtney Kuchta – this is the link that i found the poem on. I really like this one as it quite predictable and cliche.

You came into my life on a simple                  way                                                                                                                               

 Told me you love me almost everyday
Showed me happiness and made me smile
I started to love you after awhile.

My wish is that our love may never die
I wished that from the day we gave us a try,                                                                                                                      

When I woke up this morning you were on my mind
Love you completely although they say love is blind.

Forever yours that’s how I feel                                                                                                                                                 

I trust you completely for real.

– Celmarique  Swartz –

I loved reading this poem, as it can be very true in some ways. I got it off this website: This poem is very romantic and the romance is something that i wish to put in my poem that i produce.

Do you remember our very first date?
The movie we saw and all the popcorn we ate?
At the end of the evening I puckered my lips.
I was expecting a kiss like in the movie scripts.

But you were too shy to kiss me that night.
Instead you hugged me beneath the porch light.
I thought that was bad, and didn’t expect your call,
the next day when you asked me to go to the mall.

We’ve been like two peas in a pod ever since.
I am your princess, and you are my prince.
We may be much older and losing our hair,
but the world’s never known a more well-suited pair.

  – Angela Rose –

This was my favourite poem, it made me chuckle and smile, its just adorable….. here is where i got it from

Researching other poems helped me a lot as it gave me a chance to expand on my ideas to make my poem better. Fingers crossed i produce a poem as lovely as these.