The assignment that i got given today was based all on Typography in web design. I sat down and thought first things first look at other websites to get an idea of how they are set out, what typography is used and the colours that they use for the concept of the website. For some i  simply typed in google ‘colourful websites’ to see what would come up. I wanted to look at a variety of website sto get an idea of what i wanted to produce, Here are many of the websites that i came across whilst researching:

  •     <——— i came across this webiste, i love the colours but not sure it matches the concept of the website.
  •     <———— i also like how colourful this is but again nothing grabs my attention becuase i dont know where to look as it hasnt got a colour code there are simply too many colours on this page. However i know that this webiste is about colour pixels so it does match its concept but its too much to take in for a person vewing this website.
  •   <————– This website matches its concept hugly as its colours are so festive and shows sterotyical colours of christmas. (Example), Reds for a sterotypical of santa’s costume, White for the snow, and blue to show the coldness at christmas. They have also limited themselfs to 3 basic colours which i think makes it more appealing. It is also easy to read through the website.Very well thought through. I LOVE IT!!!
  •  <———— This website is realated to the one above. As the one above shows a winter vacation in Tennessee and this one shows a summer in Tennessee. This is fantastic as this website shows the summer colours. Yellow for the sun and Red for the heat. The typography for the title is very old fashioned which tells the auidence that there are many old locations that can be visited in Tennessee etc. However the one above has typography to match the winter (javascript font).
  •  <——– very good website shows alot about the town Cascadia. This will be an inspiration website to think about whilst creating my own website
  •     <————- This website shows all the gossip about the celebrites. I hate this website  as it is so plain. Most of the text and pictures and placed to the left. This is not an inspirational website and i do not wish to take ideas from this website. Horrible!
  •    <—— This here is another holiday resort that people can visit. I like how the eye catching picture is of the village and again how thety have used old fashioned text this is how we know this could be an old village. I like the tag-line “serving happiness in all shades of nature”, this is a very important thing to have on a website. I will definatly consider having a tagline on my webpage.
  •   <—— shows lots of information about music, celebrites etc. The webpage looks very jumbled up and nothing grabs my eye .
  •   <———- i wanted an idea of what a kids website would look like so i typed in my favouite television channel from when i was younger and this is what popped up. I like how they use orange to make it stand out to the kids. And they have used lots of differnt links to differnt things. Typography and font size is good. They havent used alot of text, just simple and basic so the kids can just scan through the website. They have aknowledged that children dont read long text so they have simply kept it basic in order for them to read it.
  •    <———- I didnt really like this website much as disney is meant to be magical and this website doesnt seem very magical to be its just basic. I was very disapointed and i expected more.