First i was given a brief to write my own manifesto. I kept reading and reading through the brief to understand what i had to do. I first through “what on earth is a manifesto?”. So I thought the best way to go about this was to search the web to get a better understanding of what a manifesto is.  I found very useful websites that not only helped me understand what a manifesto is but how to write/start a manifesto. Thank God for the web!

Here are some links to a few of the websites that helped me: This website below had loads of information to help me with the manifesto, I found this the most useful website that I looked at because it showed me a few example of other people’s manifesto’s. <- here is another website that i also looked back on for help on my manifesto.

Then I looked at examples of many different manifesto so i could explore the different ways of how other people create their own manifestos. Here a few of the links to the manifestos that I found helpful.  <- this was my favorite website that I researched as it showed me a variety of manifestos, ranging from mini manifestos to long manifesto, and a huge range of different topics for the manifesto. It gave me more knowledge of what a manifesto is.

As soon as I got to grasped with what a manifesto was I started to plan out what I could write my manifesto about. I went away and thought about what is my ambitions in life and what do I want to achieve. So I slept on it. When I got up in the morning I thought of many different things that I could write my manifesto about i jotted down my ambitions and how I see my future turning out. Here is a diagram that I drew where I expanded on many ideas. I knew straight away that my manifesto was going to be film and media based as this is what I absolutely enjoy doing. Moreover, I always remember my dad quoting my throughout my life, “always do things that you enjoy doing” so I want my career to lead down the film production path as I really enjoy these types of subjects.

I have always loved the theories of surrealism as it interests me so much. This is when I realised that I could expand on my manifesto more by writing about my love for surrealist practitioners and films. Therefore I researched more into surrealism to remind myself of what I already knew as well as learning new theories etc. Also I studied this subject for my film studies A-level so I had already knew a fair bit about surrealism as I had notes from past classes so this was a huge advantage for me.

Again after knowing exactly what I wanted to write in my manifesto I drew a spider diagram and wrote down what I was going to put in my manifesto. This was another advantage as I knew exactly what I was going to write when it came to me producing my essay. Here is the diagram of the spider diagram that I drew: