In todays lesson we had a play around with the Canon cameras so we could get used to using them. Our task for today was to go and take some pictures in groups of three that would be suitable and work well for a stock image. Overall me and my team mates took over 90 photos. We all had a go at taking the pictures, so that we all had a feel at what camera skills we could use. This two images on the slide show below was the two best ones that i thought would be best for stock images, because they would be easy to use layer mask on (removal of the background), and also the lighting was very sharp which makes the picture look colourful.

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However on some of the pictures that we took there was lots of shadows for instants like this one below therefore this would be no good for a stock image because it would be very hard to layer mask. Also the lighting is not good because there are too many shadows and it would be difficult to add another background to this image due to the shadow coming across the faces of the two girls. The lighting would be extremely tough to match up to another image.