In my Graphic Design lesson this week we were given a brief to work upon. I had to bring in a graphic design piece either an actual object or a print out that had an emotional affect on me (i.e joy, sadness, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and so on). I had to give a mini presentation to the class explaining what the piece is, why I chose it and what emotion effect it has on me. At first I went on to find some images of graphic design and look in-depth within the images to find out what emotions and moods that they had on me. Furthermore I thought of a few designs that was more personal to me. Here was a few of my ideas:

This is channel 4’s Big Brothers logo. This was one of my ideas, I chose this because its bright, it stands out with its multi-colouring all around the eye and I love watching Big Brother. This is a logo that everyone can identify when they see it advertised as it has been aired for 11 years. Moreover I really like that the logo is basic and has no words to represent the show this is due to the audience knowing exactly what it is when they see it. The emotional effect that this Big Brother eye has on me is laughter, joy and happiness as its colourful and when I watch this show it bring me joy because it’s really interesting to watch.

This is two other designs that I researched. The one on the left is the “Terry’s Chocolate Orange” chocolate bar. I chose this because I really love eating chocolate and especially this type as this is my favourite chocolate EVER!!! So it brings Joy to my emotion. I really enjoy looking at the colours and typography on this packet as it has a colour scheme to it and doesn’t look tacky. The designer of this packet which is “Kraft foods” has really thought about the process of making this packet as they have used bright colours that would stand out on the shelfs so the chocolate would sell more to the audience. The spacing, size of font and overall presentation of this wrapper has been brilliantly crafted. I really love how they have made the “O” in orange look as if it’s an actual orange. This is very good designing.

Also to the right of this page  is a logo of the “Dr Pepper” drink. I chose this because again this is one of my favourite fizzy drinks. The designers of this logo is a manufactured team. I absolutely love how the logo is so basic with a scheme of only two colours which is red and white, with a simple name of the drink and when it was first made. This is a very basic design and does its job by communicates to the audience exactly what it is and what its purpose is. Again you don’t need many words to tell the audience what it is just like the “Big Brother” logo as this drink is extremely popular people know exactly what it is when they look at it. The emotion that this logo gives me is joy and happiness again as I really enjoy drinking this drink. So here are the pictures:

The graphic design piece that i finally decided to present was “The Inbetweeners Movie” poster. The film was recently released this year and is a very popular series on channel 4. However I chose this poster because I love watching “The Inbetweeners”. The emotional effect that this piece has on me is joy and happiness as this is the one thing that i watch when im feeling stressed or down, this is just hilarious. I absolutely think the humour in it is so funny, it makes me chuckle every time its on without fail. Looking at the poster just makes me smile because i also enjoying watching the characters that are in it. I absolutely love the graphical designs that have been produced on this poster, i really like the colours as it is very multicoloured, because the poster is so in your face and colourful it stands out and grabs the audience attention, therefore it makes people stop to read it. Its colours suite its target audience which is young adults/ teenagers. I really like the fact that the four boys have different facial expressions as this sums up what kind of characters that they are. I also adore the neon type background with the words that stand out such as: kiss, club, destiny and the outline of the girl, these also really sum up their personalities. The message that this poster is given to the audience is to go and see the new movie. Here is the poster below: