In My Lesson today of Lens Based Media as a group we went through the stages of how to use the layer masks in Photoshop. At first we was shown a few shortcuts to Photoshop to make the process more similar for us.

Here are some of the shortcuts that were shown to me today:

  • Spacebar = if you held this down it would take you to look around the picture.
  • Cmand 0 = zoom out
  • Cmand + = this allows you to zoom in at the picture so you get a better focus at what you are doing.
  • B = ables you to see all the brushes that you need (softer brush better)
  • Bracket key = allows you to change brush
  • Cmand Z = If you make a mistake this will only erase the section that you have done
  •  X = if you hit X this will allow you to reconstruct the picture and go to black or white colouring.

By using Layer mask this allowed me to erase the background of an image to be left with the main image on the photograph (image shown below). At first this was a bit tricky for me as it was very fiddly but as I used it more and more I gradually got used to it. After achieving this I was left with a girl’s head and neck so I decided to search for a different background image on and transformed that background onto the image of the girl. I thoroughly enjoyed undertaking this as it allowed me to see the procedures that graphic designers have to go through to make their image the way they want it to be.

Below is a slide show of my three steps that i went through to achieve my final design. Here i have shown the original image that i began with, then the image when the layer mask is used and the background is removed. Finally my image transformed onto a different background which i found on I hope you enjoy this slide show.

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