Since first learning web design I have learnt basic web design tags and different terms. And have also gained knowledge into what makes a good website. These are  such as:

  • Mystery meat navigation = audience know its clickable but they don’t know where the link is going to take them. These are NO GOOD!
  • understanding typography: a higher rackey; Size of font, Use of font, Spacing and overall presentation. VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Must have a colour scheme , limit self to 3 colours on a webpage.
  • An acent colour is a section of the webpage that gets stared at the most and grabs the most attention. An area that leads you to the bottom of the page.
  • Have a good logo and a good tagline.
  • Always validate the HTML and CSS pages.

Tags for HTML:

  • <title>= This allows you to put a title for the whole webpage.
  • <head> </head>    = closes the whole document  (anything outside this is not seen on the page)
  • <body> </body>   =  anything after the body tag will appear on the page
  • = for links etc, anchor tag
  • = closes the anchor tag
  • <img src=> = this is to add an image to the webpage
  • <h1> = this is to add a heading
  • <h2> = to add another heading and so on.
  • <p> = paragraph of writing
  • <ul>= unordered list (bullet points)
  • <o>= ordered list (numbers)


  • text
  • images
  • links


  • font
  • colour of font
  • font family
  • images
  • backgrounds.

Basic tags for CSS:

  • <p {text-align:center;}

These will clearly come in use when i make my website for my assignment.