On the 29th September we visited the Turner Contemporary Exhibition “Nothing in this world but youth”. We were set two briefs, brief one was having to come equipt with an object and three words that represents our experiences of youth. My object was my Asthma Inhaler. I chose this as my object as I have suffered from Asthma since I have been 18 months old, so this is all I have known all my life. Also my three words were, Loving, Caring and Playing, this was because my family is packed with love and care and I also remember playing outside a lot as a child. So these words sum up my childhood.

Our second brief was to go around as a group and observe how the artists in the exhibition had reflected on youth. Whilst observing the art work we had to note down how the work is related and represents our individual youths. In my opinion I thought that most of the art that represented youth was highly stereotyped, as the youths were represented in tracksuits, Nike trainers, Burberry hats, big gold jewellery, and fighting. But however this is how the society today has portrayed the youths. We then had to compose a short story of our childhood individually here is my story shown below:

Growing up as a child I had no responsibilities, I was care free. No bills to pay or working to earn your own money, the only care I had in the world was playing on my bike, scooters and skates; I used to rush to finish my dinner and homework so I could carry on with my adventures outside.

My only worries were getting up to go to school in the mornings, which I hated. I showed no emotion, to wars, terror attacks and government situations as these issues didn’t matter to me as I had no clue about the “real world”. As a child I took many things for granted, for example: I didn’t realise back then how hard my parents had to work to afford nice holidays and put food on the table. 

But as I grew into a young adult more and more things came clearer to me. I realised that my responsibilities have increased and just playing out on my bike isn’t a concern for me anymore. I now acknowledge what’s happening throughout the world and recognize that it can affect me. I have my whole future ahead of me and I’m in the “big world” now, where I cannot be careless, I have many of my ambitions to achieve in my life and I hope to achieve them all.

Then we had to come together as a group at the end of the exhibition and construct a narrative/story to sum up the representations of all our childhoods. To do this we put all of our individual stories together and mixed them all into our final story of childhood. This way we could put all of our representations of childhood together. Here is the final story:

As a child I was care free, innocent and realised no dangers of the world, child play never changed, due to lack of responsibilities. I found myself in blissful innocence among a bleak period of time, as during childhood we were in our own little bubble.

I would take each day as it came, with no worries of responsibility or consequence. When I got home from school my biggest stress was homework and finishing it as quick as I could to go outside and play or complete my newest game.

Riots, murders or scandals played no part in my life. It did not matter. As I hit puberty life changed, I was selfish but I had worries. Fitting in with crowds, other people’s perception of you and your social standing kept  me occupied. I would still ignore the rest of the world, I had my issues and my worries. That was enough.

Looking back I realise this selfish behaviour, the innocence and the petty stresses were irrelevant. 10 years ago I would have found myself climbing a tree and now i find myself climbing a bigger tree.

How high will I get?